Get incredible bonuses with a year of RIFT®


Be the first to reserve your place in the massive Ascended war against Crucia and her mechanized legions!

Our special 12-month offer works like a game time card – buy now to get a year of RIFT® access PLUS:

  • A FREE copy of our Storm Legion expansion (Coming Fall 2012)
  • “Landslide” – an Earthen Juggernaut who matches your swiftest mount’s speed
  • The “Stormbringer” in-game title

Prepare now for the incredible battle for the Infinity Gate … and all that lies beyond!

Exodus of the Storm Queen
  • Take flight in the first expansion dungeon weeks before launch.

Pre-Order Items

Storm Warden’s Cape
  • Exclusive to Trion: Cape bound with the power of a living storm captured in Crucia’s Plane of Air

RIFT: Storm Legion — ESRB rating: Rating Pending

Mount and in-game title will be applied to each character on your RIFT Account following purchase. Use subject to Trion’s Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and game license.  Items have no value and are non-transferable. 12 months game time begins upon expiration of any existing game time. Upon expiration of included game time, your RIFT Account will revert back to your previous billing plan. Storm Legion content accessible upon commercial release.

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