Riftwalker's Essentials: Dive into Telara's adventures fully prepared.

750 Credits
Customize your character with rare items and stand out in the realms.
15 days of Patron status
Gain exclusive benefits like increased experience and currency bonuses for a premium gaming experience.
3x 40% Experience Vials
Propel your character to new heights at an accelerated pace.
Abyssal Satchel (36 slots)
Carry your treasures in style with this capacious and coveted bag.
300,000 Loyalty Points
Level up your adventure with the unique benefits of Loyalty Points and exclusive Rewards!
Enjoy a 30% discount on the Ascended Essentials Pack for 48 hours after purchase! (available only through the in-game webstore – the discount may not be displayed in-game, but the correct amount of credits will be deducted.)

As the Abyssal Satchel is a Unique bag, you can only receive it once. In case you already have it, you will not receive another.

Unparalleled value: Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned heroes looking to enhance their RIFT journey.
Claim your essentials and embark on your epic adventure today!